When I first entered the field of food allergy management in 1986 there was little scientific information on the mechanisms responsible for triggering the symptoms associated with allergic reactions to foods; the information on food intolerances was even sparser. The immunological information we did have was based on research in respiratory tract allergies such as hay fever and asthma. As immunologists, we knew that this was not the true picture for adverse reactions to foods, because food passes through the digestive tract where it encounters immunological responses different from those in the respiratory tract. My work in the field of the microbiology and immunology of mucosal surfaces demonstrated to me that there was a great deal of research remaining to be done before we were in a position to understand exactly what responses trigger adverse reactions to foods. As new research studies are carried out, our knowledge is increasing, but has not yet reached a level where we can be confident that we understand many of the processes that cause so much distress in people who react against foods in their diet. Much work remains to be done in this field of investigation.

Since 1986 I have devoted my professional life to research and clinical management of food allergies, food intolerances and related conditions. My primary aim has been to attempt to interpret and incorporate each scientific discovery in the field of adverse reactions to foods into clinical practice, so that food-sensitive people can directly benefit from new information as it unfolds. In order to help the greatest number of people, I have written a number of books, a practice manual, and articles that have been published in peer reviewed medical, scientific and dietetic journals, as well as popular magazines, to reach the widest possible readership. As new information reaches us from scientific laboratories and clinical research studies, I shall endeavour to continue to incorporate it into my clinical practice, and share it with my professional colleagues and clients in books and peer-reviewed journal articles.

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