Food Allergies and Intolerances: Client Education Tools for Dietary Management – Complete Set

Food Allergies and Intolerances: Client Education Tools for Dietary Management – Complete Set

TitleFood Allergies and Intolerances - Client Education

The Health Professional’s Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances


Janice Vickerstaff Joneja, Ph.D.

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics


Arm your patients with authoritative, user-friendly information about their food allergies or intolerances. This comprehensive set of downloadable handouts features:

  • Information on 13 common food allergies
  • Information on 14 food sensitivities and intolerances
  • Blank symptom records so patients can track their diets and symptoms
  • Handy “Healthy Substitution” charts that the patient can refer to when grocery shopping or choosing what to eat
  • Handouts on conditions that have been linked to reactions to food, including eczema, oral allergy syndrome, hyperactivity, and autism

Each handout is full of useful information, including foods to avoid, nutritionally equal substitutions, reading food labels and much more.


Table of Contents:

Handouts include:
1. Milk Allergy
2. Substitutes for Milk in Recipes
3. Wheat Allergy
4. Egg Allergy
5. Egg-Free Cooking
6. Soy Allergy
7. Tree Nut Allergy
8. Fish Allergy
9. Shellfish Allergy
10. Peanut Allergy
11. Corn Allergy
12. Sesame Allergy
13. Top Ten
14. Yeast and Mold Allergy
15. Lactose Intolerance
16. Sulfite Sensitivity
17. Nickel Allergy
18. Dissacharide Intolerance
19. Fructose Intolerance
20. Benzoate Intolerance
21. Salicylate Sensitivity
22. Histamine Intolerance
23. Tyramine Sensitivity
24. Histamine and Tyramine Restricted Diet
25. MSG Sensitivity
26. Intolerance of Tartrazine and Other Food Dyes
27. Intolerance of BHA and BHT
28. Nitrate and Nitrite Intolerance
29. Gluten- and Casein-Free Diet: A Trial for Autism
30. Oral Allergy Syndrome
31. Eczema and Diet
32. Dietary Management of Hyperactivity in Children
33. Introducing Solid Foods for the Potentially Allergic Baby
34. Adult Diet and Symptom Record
35. Diet and Symptom Record for a Child
36. Diet and Symptom Record for a Breastfeeding Mother/Baby