Professional Referral

Professional Referral

From Dr. Joneja:

Although I am no longer working for Vancouver General Hospital and the Ministry of Health of British Columbia as Head of the Allergy Nutrition Clinic, I am continuing to provide a private consultation service in the dietary management of food allergies and intolerances for adults and children of all ages. I  provide direct patient counselling by Skype (preferred), phone, fax and e-mail. I require a doctor’s referral because that ensures that any other cause for a person’s symptoms has been addressed before we move on to explore food sensitivities as the culprit, and the patient’s physician remains an essential participant in the management team.

The service I offer is based on medical records, food and symptom records provided by the patient, and the results of appropriate medical tests for food allergy and intolerances. An elimination diet will be individually formulated that removes the most likely symptom triggers, and supplies complete nutrition from alternate food sources. The patient adheres to this program for a period of up to four weeks. This will be followed by sequential incremental dose reintroduction (challenge) of each food component to determine the patient’s response to it. Based on the results of this challenge phase, a diet will be developed to exclude their “reactive foods” while providing complete balanced nutrition from alternative sources.

The initial questionnaires will be sent to your patient by email, fax, or mail, or they can be downloaded from this web site, whichever is most convenient. When the patient has completed and returned these forms to me, together with their diet and symptom record, a mutually convenient time will be arranged for them to connect via Sklype, or to phone me for the first consultation session.

Regretfully, Dr. Joneja is not accepting new clients at this time in order to concentrate on research and writing.  

If your patient’s concerns are related to histamine sensitivity, please contact Wendy Busse, MSc, RD. Wendy Busse is a registered dietitian specializing in the histamine-reducing diet. Wendy was a student of Dr. Joneja when she was running the Allergy Nutrition program at Vancouver General Hospital and teaching at the University of British Columbia. Wendy provides video conference counselling on this topic throughout the world. Please see her website at