The IBS Management Program

The IBS Management Program

There are 3 phases to the dietary approach to identifying the food or foods that may be contributing to your digestive tract problems:

  1. Observation phase
  2. Elimination phase
  3. Re-introduction phase.

Phase I: Observation Phase.

During this phase you will record the severity of the main symptoms from which you are suffering. You will also record all the foods and beverages that you are currently consuming. Do not alter your diet at all during this phase. The length of this phase will depend on how frequently you get the symptoms. If they occur every day then one week will be sufficient. If they occur less frequently then it may require longer.

Phase II: Elimination Phase.

During this phase you will eat and drink only those foods and beverages that are unlikely to be a cause of your symptoms. There is now a lot of information about the types of foods and beverages that most commonly cause problems. It is therefore possible to devise a diet that avoids those foods, but is adequate from a nutritional point of view during the short time of this phase. Detailed information for your diet will be provided during your consultation based on your medical history and your food and symptom record.

Phase III: Reintroduction Phase.

After about 4 weeks on the elimination diet devised for you, an assessment of the results of your diet will be made. This will be based on a second dietary record, which you will keep for the last week of the elimination phase. If it is considered appropriate, you will be provided with detailed instructions for reintroducing each individual food component that you have avoided during the elimination phase. You will be instructed on how to observe and record any adverse reactions that you experience.

Your Final Diet

Your final “maintenance diet” will be developed after you have completed the reintroduction phase.
The diet will avoid all of the food components that caused symptoms during the reintroduction
phase, and will provide all of the nutrients your body needs from alternative sources.

Please complete the Registration form and return all completed questionnaires to me by email attachment, fax: 250-377-3248 or to the following address

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